….so Oprah Winfrey.

After thinking about quitting too often and dreaming about exciting, inspiring and meaningful work too often, I decided to take a leap of faith and quit my job. This was about 6 weeks ago. Since then, a lot happened, a lot of decisions were to make and a lot of work is still ahead.

So what happens next?

First of all, I’ll travel to Cairo, Egypt to visit some social enterprises and socially enterprising organisations. After that, I’ll continue my journey and travel to Kenya. There, I’ll work for about 6 weeks as a Social Enterprise Trainee Consultant for an exciting pilot programme. The aim of the pilot is to test whether human-centred design and social enterprise training could prove viable for long-term sustainability and social impact in developing countries.

As a Social Enterprise Trainee Consultant I’ll help the social start-up “_Social Starters” to build an accelerator programme to support and skill up young aspiring social entrepreneurs in Eldoret, Kenya. I’m very excited about this opportunity and I’m sure it will be a great experience – regardless the outcome.

The blog…and then?

I decided to launch this blog to simply share my travel experiences along the way. I’ll write about inspirational people I meet, talk about social and innovative business concepts, and share pictures of people, wildlife and nature. And then? To be honest, I don’t know….at least not yet. And yes, that’s a bit scary. But strangely enough, I’m confident that it will lead to something great and meaningful. We’ll see.