“Our mission is twofold: Supporting aspiring change-makers and social entrepreneurs in the early startup phase as well as promoting social entrepreneurship as a sustainable way of doing business”

What is Whatamission?

Whatamission is a blogazine providing information, stories and resources related to social entrepreneurship and social innovation. Our aim is to inspire (=blog), inform (=resources) and connect (=directory) aspiring social entrepreneurs, changemakers and those interested in the topic.

What is our story? Who are we?

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Melanie Akerboom, Whatamission founder

“The idea emerged in 2012 when I was studying Social Entrepreneurship (MA) at Goldsmiths College, University of London. We were a very international class and I realised that there is so much knowledge in the room and so much potential to help others in the startup phase by sharing our collective knowledge. I couldn’t find a plattform or magazine that really focussed on practical information for people like us starting a project or social enterprise. I first tried to get some class mates on board to start a collective blog, but that didn’t work out. So eventually (and almost two years later), I decided to start a blog on my own. The lack of information online was still present, so I simply started with what I knew and by interviewing changemakers from my international network.” – Melanie Akerboom, Founder


In 2017, Vanessa Foloye joined Whatamission and since then we work together as a team to develop the blog and to share our insights. We both share a passion for social entrepreneurship and writing, and the ambition to make the world a better place.

What motivates us? Why Social Entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions and entrepreneurial approaches to society’s most pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges. They are an important resource and potential for sustainable development, globally. Unfortunately though, social entrepreneurs do not receive (yet) the support they need to flourish. By sharing our knowledge, inspiring stories and interviews with founders and experts, we want to support in particular aspiring change makers and social entrepreneurs in the early start-up phase.