International Women’s Day – What better opportunity to introduce you to you Angelique’s Finest, the Rwandan fair-trade coffee brand that is 100% made by women of Rwanda!?! 

Angelique’s Finest is a new Rwandan specialty coffee brand produced entirely by women of Rwanda, from the farm to roasting and packaging. It is undoubtedly good, because (1) by roasting in the country of production, a significantly greater part of the value added than usual remains with the producers and (2) the economic situation and financial independence of the women producer is improved. Angelique’s Finest is certified by Fairtrade International and is supported by TERRE DES FEMMES and BRIGITTE.

In Rwanda, more than 200 women are involved in the Angelique’s Finest project, which is organised in the women’s cooperative Rwashossco. Angelique Karekezi is the managing director of Rwashoscco and name godmother for the coffee. The farmers’ owned Rwandan coffee company and German partners want to introduce the coffee to the German market. In order to do that, they decided to do a crowdfunding campaign with the aim to raise 75.000 € by 12th of March 2018. This may sound like a huge amount, and it certainly is, but the team already successfully managed to raise 50.000 € by the crowd. With that in mind, there is actually a great chance to become 100% successful, and that’s simply remarkable.

The coffee is aimed at all coffee lovers who want to make the world a little better. If you are committed to equal rights and sustainable development of the global economy, you have come to the right place. With your support, you are supporting the women of Rambagira Kawa on their way to financial independence and equal participation in the coffee sector. In this way, you indirectly help the women’s families and ensure that their children, for example, have a sound education.

On this blog you will find interviews with the women and you can learn more their experiences and their motivations. The crowdfunding campaign is up and running for three more days: