MakeSense is looking for amazing speakers to inspire, learn, debate and prototype with their 250+ audience of social entrepreneurship enthusiasts at the SenseCamp Berlin (July 24th-26th). If you’d like to propose a session at Germany’s largest unconference on social entrepreneurship – PLEASE FILL IN THE CALL FOR SPEAKERS HERE

What is a Sense Camp?

SenseCamp Berlin is an unconference for social entrepreneurship and innovation. The highly interactive and community-based event brings together the global Make Sense network and Berlin social startup ecosystem to boost action and engagement.

SenseCamp is the place to discover and exchange new ideas, actionable insights and success/failure stories. What awaits you is are a barcamp, speeches, hands-on workshops and a sense tour where you have the chance to  meet some of Berlin’s more inspiring social entrepreneurs and the supporting ecosystem. And in the evening, you can shake out some moves at the infamous NonSense party

SenseCamps have happened all over the world, from São Paulo to Singapore, and have featured speakers such as Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Liam Black, Charles Eisenstein, and many more. It’s is an annual event organised by the MakeSense Community.

What is Make Sense?

Make Sense is not an organization like others. It’s an open project built by a worldwide community. Until today, 10 000 Sense-Makers across the globe have built Make Sense all around the world by launching new cities, finding new social entrepreneurs, structuring partnerships and creating new tools! Their main objective is to boost the impact of social entrepreneurs by connecting them with individuals and who support those social entrepreneurs with their challenges. And in order to sustain their social impact, they promote the concept of social business.

MakeSense affiliates organisations are:

  • MKS Room: recorded events blending live performance and talks connecting art and social entrepreneurship. By using music and culture, our mission is to promote social business and make it accessible to everyone.
  • Sense Cube: accelerator program for social start-ups using digital technologies to mobilize strong communities and solve social and environmental issues.
  • Commons Sense: engaging employees on the challenges of Social Entrepreneurs.
  • Sense School: engaging students on the challenges of Social Entrepreneurs.


Still no idea what to expect from the Sense Camp in Berlin?

Then you should check out the video of the SenseCamp 2014:

You can get to the Facebook event page here.
If you want to find out more, have a look at the website, where you can also purchase tickets.