Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll keep you updated about the cause month on ‘Change-Making Education’ organised by MakeSense Berlin. It will include articles about innovative and disruptive educational initiatives that tackle challenges in the German education system, with a focus on the school system.

About the cause month ‘Change-Making Education”

Throughout November, MakeSense will be hosting a cause month dedicated to ‘Change Making Education’, disruptive and innovative educational initiatives that create powerful and real-world learning experiences in and outside classrooms.

As a matter of fact, today’s education system in Germany faces several challenges, starting from a predominantly theoretical teacher’s training, disadvantages for children with migrant and deprived background to a teacher’s shortage in general. Moreover, traditional instructional methods leave students less engaged and less inclined to take ownership of their learning. The pressure to achieve in school dominates the motivation to learn. And in most cases, students are not equipped to use their skills and knowledge to solve real world problems, or are empowered to reach their potentials.

MakeSense is dedicating this cause month to social innovators, experts, teachers and students alike. They invite them to interact and share their needs, ideas and resources, in order to create new opportunities for them to debate, experiment and innovate continuously. In doing so, they are trying to imagine the future of education and find solutions to current challenges in the education system, with a focus on the school system.

The cause month will consist in a series of events, interactions and workshops aimed at identifying, mapping and supporting innovative and disruptive educational initiatives all over Berlin. The findings will be presented online, on an online platform so that information can be viewed at any time, even after the cause month.

The kick-off event, an MKS Room, will happening on the 3rd of November at Prachtwerk Berlin. It will deal with the question “How should education look like 10 years from now and how do we get there?”. You can find more information on their facebook event: MKS Room – Edcation 10 years down the roadAn MKS Room is a recorded event blending live performance and talks connecting art and social entrepreneurship. By using music and culture, their mission is to promote social business and make it accessible to everyone.

What is MakeSense?

MakeSense is a rapidly growing, global open-source community of passionate individuals who use their skills, knowledge and connections to tackle business, design and technology challenges of social entrepreneurs.

MakeSense has all kinds of terminology, with their central type of workshop being a problem-solving innovation workshop called a “Hold-Up”. Find more information about MakeSense on their MakeSense Germany.

How can you get involved in the cause month?

There are several opportunities to get involved:

Participant – Simply join their events and learn more about the work of inspiring and innovative educational initiatives in Berlin!

Event organiser / partner – Prefer to be actively involved? Then you have the chance to join the organisation team and organise or co-organise your own event that is related to the topic. There are also opportunities to partner.

Hold-Up – Are you a social entrepreneur working in the education field and interested in a hold-up to you solve one of your challenges?  Then don’t hesitate to contact someone from the team!