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From the conflict regions of the world, Conflictfood brings the best traditional agricultural products to your table, while strengthening local structures and offering a peaceful future.

Through fair and direct trade with small farmer cooperatives in conflict-stricken countries, products such as spices, dried fruits or oils are purchased and brought to Berlin. They are then packaged in a workshop by people with disabilities into an attractively designed packaging.

With every product comes a brochure about the country, conflict and the people living there. They also use their blog to share their information about these countries and to engage the public in a discussion.

The social startup was founded in 2015. Their first product is Saffron from Afghanistan. Future plans are to work with coffee farmers in Yemen, organic olive producers in Palestine and salt cooperatives in Ethiopia.


Coolar develops a new kind of cooling system for household fridges and many more applications.
It is driven by solar heat and enables doctors to preserve lifesaving medicine such as vaccines in a reliable and eco-friendly way by providing refrigerators that run independent from the power grid and are close to carbon neutral. It was initiated 2012 by Julia Römer.

Torgauer Straße 12-15
Berlin, Germany

CUiB (meaning “nest”) is an innovative board game that aims to enlighten both teachers and kids about global issues, such as migration, climate change, desertification and pollution. While using the concept of birds’ migration, kids are invited to reflect on the usualness of people themselves migrating, while also cultivating a sense of respect for nature.

EducateMeI Social Enterprise Directory

Educate-Me is a registered Egyptian non-profit foundation (registration number 8418) that was founded in 2010 and aspires to redefine education in Egypt.

Through a grass-roots community-based and community-driven model, Educate-Me serves underprivileged communities with a vision of giving every child the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enables him/her to have the freedom and opportunity to aspire to their dreams.

Their mission is to improve the state of well-being of financially underprivileged children in Egypt through developing and delivering a self-directed learning program that empowers them to pursue their dreams.


Fagnoon Arts School is a 5 acre art studio giving an open place for anyone to explore their artistic potential. It's one of the few places where bot parents and children can spend a few hours away from the noisy and polluted city. It has become one of Egypt's most popular destinations for young and old, Egyptian and non-Egyptian. Families are allowed to bring their own food and drinks for a picnic. There are different activities & workshops available for children. There is an entry fee of 25 LE per child. Parents do not pay a charge unless they are taking part.


Familland is a card game, which tackles the complex social issue of families nowadays in a funny and playful way. It plays with diversity, plurality, interculturalism and intergenerationalism of modern families and awakens the creativity of children. Playing Familland will help children to break down racism and intolerance and to create a society with more intercultural ideas.

GROW – Leadership Academy
Cape Town
South Africa

GROW is passionate about empowering the young in our communities: They do so by providing them with vast opportunities through practical learning. Their objective is to equip them with the necessary skills that will aid them into stepping into their career path or to get them back into the job market.. The programme is aimed at unemployed youth aged 18 -25 years old. The GLA is active at three hubs. RLabs Bridetown HQ, Youth Cafe Rocklands and RLab Iringa Tanzania.

Hackney Pirates

The Hackney Pirates is an enterprising charity working to develop the literacy, confidence and perseverance of young people (aged 9-12) in Hackney, so that they achieve both in school and in the world beyond. They work together with local schools, families and volunteers to deliver unique real-world learning projects in an unconventional learning environment, the Ship of Adventures.

Heart Capital
Cape Town
South Africa

Boutique impact investing company that is funding social and environmental good in South Africa’s townships. Their purpose is to lift people out of poverty through entreprenuership.


hub:raum connects the digital startup ecosystem with Deutsche Telekom, linking tech entrepreneurs and high growth startup companies with the expert network, capital, and business opportunities of Deutsche Telekom.

hub:raum offers various programs in three locations: Berlin (covering Germany and Western Europe), Krakow (serving CEE region), and Tel Aviv (Israel). Various programs range from acceleration and incubation (including seed investments) to special formats like Fit4Europe. All of these offer benefits like co-working space, mentoring, networking events and connections to Deutsche Telekom business units like partnering as well as access to customers.