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180 Degrees Consulting
City: Berlin
Country: Germany

Student led consultancy that provides socially conscious organisations around the world with high quality and affordable services. They work with organisations to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to whatever challenges they are facing.

City: Berlin
Country: Germany

Ampion enables entrepreneurs to launch businesses in Africa and use technology for innovation. They empower entrepreneurial minds to become successful changemakers in their communities and boost private sector growth for development.

The heart of Ampion’s operations begins with 7-day innovation bootcamps, which take place on the Ampion Venture Buses across 14 African countries. Each Venture Bus is lead by Ampion trained staff, who are accompanied by both expert international experts and mentors. In addition to the Venture Bus and in partnership with Microsoft, Ampion offers an extensive Incubation Program along with mentoring and advisory services.

The Ampion Fellowship, is an international program designed to guide and equip the most promising startups from the AMPION Venture Bus as well as other high potential startups across Africa and prepare them for growth. By bringing together a diverse, experienced and dedicated team of seasoned entrepreneurs, the Fellowship challenges young startups to complete a successful launch of a concept through the provision of structured training courses, mentorship and access to a global investor and advisory network.

Behold South Africa
City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa

Behold is a social enterprise of entrepreneurial professionals. They  are dedicated to helping companies do business that results in economic benefits WHILE ALSO having a positive effect on identified societal needs. A place where ‘pure corporates’ blend with NGO’s to create a new entity with a significant new approach.

City: Bangalore
Country: India

Consulting, investment banking & research services firm based in Bangalore (India), Hyderabad (India), Mumbai (India) and Nairobi (Kenya). Founded in 2002, Intellecap has grown into a Group with more than 600 employees and 300 engagements across 25 countries around the world.

Their mission is to visualize a world and a future for humanity that is guided by fundamental and important principles of equity and sustainability at every level. They work with enterprises, investors and donors to drive business solutions to development.

Address: Intellecap Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
ARR Arcade No. 21,
1st floor, 3 Cross Victoria Layout
Bangalore – 560047, India
Social Impact
Country: Germany

The not-for-profit company Social Impact gGmbH was founded in 1994 and develops products and services geared towards securing the future and balance of our society. Since 2012,Social Impact gGmbH has been focusing on developing infrastructure that promotes social innovations.

The creation of Social Impact Labs is one of its key projects. So far, these start-up and networking centres which are aimed at specific target groups exist in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Potsdam and Duisburg.

The centres offer start-up programmes enabling new social enterprises to transform their ideas into viable business models with intensive and qualified assistance. Over the last four years, more than 1600 applications have been received for these programmes. In the same period, some 200 start-up businesses and teams have been selected and received start-up assistance.

Social Traders
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia

Social Traders is a specialist organisation based in Melbourne that supports the development of commercially viable social enterprises throughout Australia. They support start-ups and existing social enterprises.

Address: Level 2, 136 Exhibition St, Melbourne, VIC 3001
PO Box 24074, Melbourne VIC 3001
THAAT – Social Enterprise & Innovation Consultancy
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt

THAAT – Social Enterprise & Innovation Consultancy is a design and research social enterprise based in Cairo that aims to empower local artisans and emerging designers through holistic tailored solutions. Their mission:

Empowering local artisans (especially girls and women) to maintain a sustainable livelihood.
Improving the productivity, design, quality and diversification of local handicrafts.
Reviving and preserving old traditional handicrafts.
Create more job opportunities for both artisans and designers and fostering direct relationships between them.
Supporting up and coming design talents