Women empowerment

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InspirEnage International
City: Birmingham
Country: England

InspirEngage International is a social enterprise focused on developing skills and mindset in people and organisations to help them to do well by doing good. They work with the education sector, business sector and with individuals.

Offered programmes:

InspirEngage Skills Bootcamp – to awaken ambition in students, to equip them with the essential social and life skills alongside academia and make them more aware of their communities and kindness.

Social Enterprise Revolution – UK’s first complete hands-on social enterprise programme embedded into the curriculum. Through an 8 week Bootcamp programme, they help students turn their area of study into a social enterprise which earns them money, makes a difference to their community and is assessed as part of the curriculum.

Primary Revolution – training 4-11 year-olds to develop their social skills with social enterprise! The young students run real social projects whilst using Maths, Literacy, IT and core curriculum areas.

Startup & Stilettos – the Future is Female – training adult women in an intense 2 month programme (or shorter express version) to firstly sharpen their sense of confidence, their business plans to launch heir own social enterprise and become economically independent.

Address: The Icehouse, The Bond,
180-182 Fazeley Street,
West Midlands
B5 5SE
Solar Sister
City: Kampala
Country: Uganda

Founded in 2009, Solar Sister eradicates energy poverty by empowering women with economic opportunity. They combine the breakthrough potential of solar technology with a deliberately woman-centered direct sales network to bring light, hope and opportunity to even the most remote communities in rural Africa. They are active in Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria.

THAAT – Social Enterprise & Innovation Consultancy
City: Cairo
Country: Egypt

THAAT – Social Enterprise & Innovation Consultancy is a design and research social enterprise based in Cairo that aims to empower local artisans and emerging designers through holistic tailored solutions. Their mission:

Empowering local artisans (especially girls and women) to maintain a sustainable livelihood.
Improving the productivity, design, quality and diversification of local handicrafts.
Reviving and preserving old traditional handicrafts.
Create more job opportunities for both artisans and designers and fostering direct relationships between them.
Supporting up and coming design talents

The Roll-a-Hippo Foundation
City: Vancouver
Country: Canada

A simple tool. A massive need.

For many, clean water comes with the twist of a tap. But in rural underdeveloped countries, access to water requires hours of walking, waiting in line and heavy lifting. On average, a woman spends six hours a day collecting and transporting water to supply her family’s daily needs. The time spent on this basic necessity keeps many children out of school and prevents women from engaging in more empowering activities and income-generating opportunities.

But there is a simple solution: The simple design of the hippo water roller allows the transport of water more easily and efficiently by placing the water inside its “wheel.” A full hippo roller holds 200 lbs of water – five times the amount possible using traditional methods. But because the weight is borne on the ground, it has an effective weight of just 22 pounds allowing even children to easily manage a full roller over most types of terrain.

This simple tool will change the lives of millions of women and children in rural communities. A single hippo roller carries enough water to meet the basic needs of five people per day. Fewer trips to collect water means women and children can spend their time on productive educational and economic opportunities. It gives them access to better hygiene and living conditions, and it’s now possible for families and schools to collect enough water to grow their own vegetables gardens.

Address: 521 Reid Road,
Box 235
Gibsons, BC Canada V0N 1V0