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It is a great pleasure to officially introduce you to our new and international team!

To you it may not sound like a big deal, but for me it certainly is. For more than two years, I’ve run WHATAMISSION on my own and entirely in my free-time. It was fun and I really enjoyed it, but it was also exhausting at times. It also meant that I couldn’t write as much and as regularly as I wanted to. For these reasons, and because I strongly believe we can achieve so much more together, I started looking for contributors end of 2016.

Herewith, I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the new editorial team. Each and every one of them is, just like me, passionate about social entrepreneurship and excited to spread the word about inspiring initiatives and changemakers. Some of them will also share a bit from their own social entrepreneurial journey. Our focus countries are: Brasil, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, South Africa and Tanzania.

Anna Buchmann, German

Anna Buchmann, Online Editor | Whatamission.com

Anna Buchmann, Online Editor | Whatamission

Working as programme manager for in India, Anna discovered her passion for social entrepreneurship. Inspired by business initiatives to make a long-lasting social change in the world, she decided to start her own venture. If she is not studying for her masters in Development Management and Administration, you can find her organising events for MakeSense London, or working her sewing machine to come up with a new design for her sustainable fashion brand. As a change maker, she is dedicating her time to unlock the power private business has in tackling the global issues of our generation.


Hazem Adel, Egyptian

Hazem Adel, Online Editor at Whatamission,com

Hazem Adel, Online Editor | Whatamission

Hazem is an urban researcher/knowmad. He holds a Masters degree in urban development from TU-Berlin. Currently he is co-founding a non-profit organization for urban development focusing on the Red Sea Region in Egypt. For the past 3 years he was living in between Berlin, Cairo, and El-Gouna. (Currently still in between Berlin and Cairo and both hold a special place in his heart).





Ricardo Monagas, Venezuelan

Ricardo Monagas, Online Editor I Whatamission.com

Ricardo Monagas, Online Editor | Whatamission

Ricardo is a product manager and android developer helping tech startups to make their ideas come true. He co-founded Uppersky and really likes to participate in projects which make a positive impact in society. He is originally from Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela and lives currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic.






Vanessa Faloye, British-Nigerian

Vanessa Faloye, Online Editor I Whatamission.com

Vanessa Faloye, Online Editor | Whatamission

Vanessa Faloye, British-Nigerian, is currently co-founding a social enterprise in Niagara, Canada. She leads Business Development and Community Management for The Hobby Shop – an open house for people and professionals building creative economy and collaborative community out of the arts and innovation. Vanessa holds a post-graduate certificate in Social Enterprise and Innovation at The Do School – Berlin,Germany. She is passionate (and slightly obsessed) with traveling, reading, and raving. Building on her freelancing side projects, her ambition for the future is to start a social impact education project that teaches underprivileged groups about social entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, and public speaking.

Bastian Bender, German

Bastian Bender, Online Editor I Whatamission.com

Bastian Bender, Online Editor | Whatamission

Bastian Bender is founder of the training & consulting firm impact projects which provides services concerning impact measurement & reporting mainly for Not-for-Profit organisations. His home base is in Stuttgart, Germany right now although he is well connected to and worked in Tanzania and Iran. Through his education as business engineer and his spare time work for several NGOs he developed a passion in professionalising NGOs and social enterprises. Bastian is a Tour de France enthusiast, loves being surrounded by internationals and listening to inspiring conversations.


Jiselle Steele, British

Jiselle Steele, Online Editor at Whatamission

Jiselle Steele, Online Editor | Whatamission

Jiselle is an experienced project manager who has earned her stripes working in the NGO and social enterprise sectors. From running an apprenticeship training programme for disadvantaged young people in inner city London to leading an international volunteer programme helping professionals to discover the world of social impact in Rio, Jiselle has always been passionate about empowering others to make a positive change in the world. Researching youth and entrepreneurship in Brazil as a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellow, inspired south-Londoner Jiselle to move to Rio De Janeiro, where she is now based and continues to work with social enterprises.

Keen to share your social business/impact expertise and join the team as well? Then express your interest here.