More and more people seek social impact jobs. That’s not a just phenomenon in Germany, but everywhere. After my Masters in Social Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths College in London, I was also looking for a job that does more than just paying my bills. I didn’t feel ready to be a social entrepreneur myself, so I started looking for jobs all over the internet. Such a job hunt can be daunting and very time-consuming. Knowing where to look for social impact jobs can certainly save some research time (and nerves). So let me share some tips with you.

How to find social impact jobs?

Online Research

Obviously, you can check out the team or job opportunities section of the homepage of the organisation you would like to work for, or you can can search for jobs on career platforms. Another suggestion would be to look for incubators and accelerators; they often have profiles of the startups they support on their website. This way you can find exciting and new social startups/enterprises, in case you don’t know what to even look for in the first place.

Not all jobs in the social impact sector are advertised, so don’t hesitate to send blind applications. If you look for a paid position, then I would recommend you to apply for more established organisations instead of a social startup. Young startups often do not have the financial means to pay, not even themselves, so chances are low that you will find a paid job. However, if you look for an internship to learn a lot, then I would always recommend you to consider an internship with a social startup.

You can also use Twitter to search for social impact jobs. Just type into the search field the hashtags #socent #jobs and your will get the overview of tweets with the exact same keywords. I found an exciting vacancy in Cape Town via Twitter.

Peers & Networking

Another thing you should seriously consider is networking! Go to conferences, networking events, hangouts, SenseDrinks etc. and build your own network. This certainly takes some practice and time, but nothing beats personal networks when it comes to job opportunities. As mentioned before, job opportunities are often not advertised.

Where to find social impact jobs?

It is difficult to find social impact jobs in traditional career platform such as StepStone, Indeed, Kimeta, Careeers24 or Gumtree. You may be lucky, but I strongly recommend you to check out these platforms instead:

The Changer Germany

Whether you’re looking for a NGO job, nonprofit, CSR or green job, The Changer helps you to find career with purpose. It is one of my favourite platforms to look for social impact information, resources, events and jobs in the German market. They have developed a lot since going live in 2014. The job search became much more complex. By now, you can search jobs by location, language, role, cause, jobs type and organisation. Jobs are mainly based in Germany, however there are plans to expand internationally as they have just received an impact investing for their growth phase.

By the way, The Changer is currently looking for new team members (Marketing Manager, Community Manager Germany, and Sales) themselves. All three jobs are full-time and based in Berlin.

Social Tent MENA region

I just discovered this page and I’m really glad about it. Social Tent connects impact-driven talent to jobs that have a social, environmental or cultural mission in The Arab World. They are sharing jobs and profiling talent to give people access to a different kind of career growth in the MENA Region. You can search for your dream job by country (Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lybia, Marocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saud Arabia, Syria, Tunesia, UAE, Yemen), field or search by entering a a keyword (i.e. job title).

GreenJobs International is focussed on environmental jobs such as in renewable energy, green technology, environmental research, environmental planning, education and management. The platform is in German, but job opportunities can be found from all over the world.

Good Impact International

Good Impact is a German collaborative content platform with a focus on social change. The job function is a bit more basic, but occassionally you can find also international jobs. The platform is defintely worth checking out as they share events, sustainable travel and lots of different topics such as education, fair fashion and health and in their magazine. They also feature channels of B_Corp, Cradle to Cradle, EduAction, WeQ, Tea after Twelve and Social Impact, where content is written by partners.

Escape The City International

Escape The City is a London-based organisation that was started by people who searched for impact careers themselves. They started in 2010 with the mission to help 1,000,000 people to work they love.

Escape The City shares global job opportunities, but also a 3-month part-time programmes to accelerate your career or start your business. The search function allows you to search for job types, location, industry, function, salary range, experience level and their so-called “Escape factor”. With escape factor they mean what is important for you in your future career. You can select from the following factors: entrepreneurial, exciting brand, innovative product, off the grid or social impact. In order to use the search function, you need to sign up and become a member (free of charge). This is how I found out about _SocialStarters before joining them as a Social Enterprise Consultant for their pilot programme in Kenya in 2015. Germany was founded in 2012 and is another information and job board platform The jobs on this platform are exclusive to jobs in the field of sustainability, CSR, NGO and environment in Germany. This platform also developed over time and offers today also information on sustainable study programmes, events and profiles of sustainable organisations, institutions and projects. Germany is an online platform sharing information about social entrepreneurship mainly, but not exclusive, in German. Their goal is to foster social entrepreneurship in Germany. also has a section with social jobs, but it is not as extensive as the other ones. The focus of the platform is more on articles about social-startups and their business concepts. Quite recently they added the feature to find co-founders.

Elevator UK

Elevator is an exclusive marketplace for people to list, discover and apply for good jobs in the UK. They only promote jobs with social enterprises, charities and purpose driven companies. You need to set up a profile in order to be able to view any job. Once you signed up, you can download the free e-book “101 tips to help you find a job you love”.

Net Impact US

Net Impact is a global community of students and professionals who want to become the most effective change agents they can be. On their career site they offer career advice, resources, and job opportunities for people who want to make a positive impact through their careers.

Impact Careers International

Impact Careers is a non-profit initiative of the Zurich (Switzerland) based organisation Young & Professional AG.

Clearly So International

Clearly So is aiming investment for businesses, enterprises and charities focused on social impact. They also help people and institutions use their capital to back change.They used to have a social impact job board, but it seems like the dismissed it. However, they now recruit fo their London (UK) office.

The Guardian London

The Guardian has Social Enterprise listed as an industry/sector, which means you can search for social enterprise jobs at their jobs page. Vacancies seems to be only shown for the Greater London area.

FREE GUIDE…”Find a fulfilling career that does good”- 80,000 hours, Centre for Effective Altruism

Social Enterprise UK UK

Social Enterprise UK is a national membership body for social enterprise including private businesses, charities and public sector organisations who support their vision.

Ethical Jobs Australia

The platform Ethical Jobs shares job opportunities in social enterprise in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and around Australia.

Social Enterprise Alliance US

Social Enterprise Alliance is a membership organisation focused on advancing the field of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship. With 1,000 members across 42 states, Social Enterprise Alliance is the largest network of social entrepreneurs, practitioners, supporters and enthusiasts in the US. You don’t need to be a member to search their job board.