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More and more people, especially career starters, are looking for a job with purpose. In the past, this has often lead to jobs in non-profits and foundation, but obviously, also social startups and social enterprises need good talent. Here, you can find an overview of career platforms that help you find a job in the social impact sector – which can be anything from marketing and IT jobs to CEO positions in any kind of industry.


Just about a week ago, tbd* (previously The Changer) has launched its new career guide “Jobs with Purpose in Germany – Your guide to finding meaningful work in Germany” for people interested in a job in the social impact sector. This guide is probably the most recent and most comprehensive resource you can find on that topic for Germany. It is particularly interesting for foreigners who are seeking a career in the sector. In addition to that, you can find job openings in Germany and England on their website.

Other German job boards:


MENA region

United States

Career websites with international job opportunities:

If that’s all not successful, you might want to visit 50 Way To Get A Job, a website with an abundance of tips of how to land a job.

Any job portal or career website you are missing on this list? Let us know by commenting on this post. We will continously expand the overview.