Social Impact Resources I How to be a social entrepreneur

18:34 min – Andy Stoll explains in his TEDx UIowa Talk how he became a social entrepreneur after graduation. In his talk, he also speaks about the journeys of: Mohammad Yunus (founder of Grameen Bank), Scott Harison (founder of Charity:Water), Jacquie Berglund (founder of Finnegans Beer) and Ben Milne ( founder of Dwolla). Very insightful video that explains how to get from being interested in the topic to eventually becoming a social entrepreneur solving social problems you are passionate about.

About Andy Stoll

Andy Stoll is an american-based social entrepreneur, media producer and speaker. He co-founded Seed Here Studio, a company that specialises in building entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems in unexpected places and the Iowa Startup Accelerator, a 90-day bootcamp for early stage tech companies as well as The James Gang, a community-building creativity- and social entrepreneurial-incubator. His frequently gives talks/speeches about leadership, entrepreneurship, creativity, community-building and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Find out more on his website.