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Interested to contribute to What A Mission?

Wonderful! Please read these points before approaching us or before submitting your proposal. They explain the key information you need and cover some basic guidelines we developed over the years.

1. What content are we looking for?

We are in particular interested to explore and cover the social entrepreneurship landscape in Europe and in African countries.

The content we are looking for should be informative and adding value to our readers. They should provide more information than what is accessible by visiting the websites of the people or organisations covered. We very much favour a constructive-journalism approach, which means to us sharing articles that are solution-and action oriented. We want our readers to feel inspired and to read something that they can apply in their own context.

2. What topics can be covered?

We are very open-minded. As long as the content adds value to our readers and is about social innovation and social entrepreneurship, we are happy to share it on our platform. That means for example, it can be about a social entrepreneur who inspires you, it can be about hands-on and practical tools and resources for social startups, or it can be articles in which you share your personal journey as a changemaker or give tips for social startups about concept development, teambuilding, partnership building and so on. Please don’t hesitate to send your proposal.

3. What type of content do we accept?

Most of our content is written in the form of articles or interviews. Technically, it is also possible to share audio or audio-visual (video) content. So basically you can submit any of these.

4. What are the requirements to become a regular/guest contributor?

First of all, you should be confident to write in English and know what you are writing about. We are not in a position to correct grammar and provide feedback to each article in detail. You will be responsible for the content you provide, which also means you are also responsible for the accuracy of the content. Please keep that in mind.

Furthermore, as a regular contributor, you should be able to commit to at least one article per month and have a basic knowledge of CMS (WordPress) (or are willing to learn how to use it). You will be responsible to upload your articles to our CMS platform as a draft with the pictures you want to feature. The publication date will be scheduled in consultation with us.

5. Do I get paid for writing? 

Unfortunately not. We are running this platform on a purely voluntarily basis and are not in a position to pay for your contribution.

6. How do we earn money?

In case you wonder: Most of us run their own social venture or work as a freelancer. Some of us are also full or part-time employed and contribute in their leisure time. The expenses for hosting and maintenance is paid by personal funds of the founder.

If that sounds interesting and exciting to you, then please use this contact form to get in touch. We will get back to you within two weeks