In March 2015, I shared an interview with the CEO Charlie Njonmou of the green tech startup Mobile Solarkraftwerke Afrika GmbH & Co. KG. Back then, Mobile Solarkraftwerke Afrika planned to build a prototype of the world’s first mobile solar container for Mali via crowdfunding. The crowdfunding campaign on Bettervest was hugely successful – they reached their funding goal of € 107.700€ within 4 days with 174 investors!

What happened next? After a production period of eight weeks and another six weeks of travel, the solar container reached it’s destination in Mali and got installed. It now provides Mourdiah, a village of 55000 inhabitants, successfully with electricity. Directly impacted from this are about 1000 inhabitants in the village, including a local school. Like many rural areas, the village wasn’t connected to any kind of power grid. If electricity was provided, it was mainly generated by Diesel generators polluting the environment.

“On average, only 20% of the people in Africa have access to electrical energy. For Mali, our pilot country, this number is 17%, with most of those people living in the big cities. This energy scarcity is what we want to change with our solar containers.”

Together with the NGO, Mobile Solarkraftwerke Afrika donated 20 computers, equipped with teaching programmes in local languages, to the local school. The startup aims to continue with this approach of supporting schools not connected to electricity with all future solar containers in the Sub-Sahara region.

To be able to provide more villages in Mali with green energy, a second crowdfunding campaign was recently launched. Conditions are the same as with the first, meaning investments are possible from as little as €100 and the expected annual return is 9% over a period of 7 years.

If you are now wondering how these solar containers looks like and function, have a look at this video: