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Thank you KLM!

I’ve lived, studied and worked in South Africa for about 2,5 years. In April, I will  finally be back – at least for a little while. This time I can honestly say that it is thanks to a KLM special offer: €496 for a return flight to Johannesburg. It was such a good offer, that I couldn’t resist to book despite my financial situation. Comparable prices (€520) are now offered by Lufthansa & Swiss Air, which is still a great deal. South Africa is certainly worth a visit for its natural beauty, scenery, wildlife, culture and history. Most importantly, I’ve always felt home and safe there, and this is why this trip will be more than just a holiday.

South Africa – more than just a holiday trip

This trip will be a mixture of visiting friends, meeting & interviewing inspirational people and organisations for this blog, and looking for local partner organisations for a project. I cannot tell you too much about it now, as we are still working on a project plan, but it will have something to do with Social Entrepreneurship, Education and Travel. It will be my first attempt to combine my previous work experience and educational background to create my very own social enterprise – fingers crossed!

And you can support me!

Do you know inspiring people, startups, NGOs, NPOs, responsible tourism businesses, social enterprises or township based projects in CAPE TOWN or JOHANNESBURG? Then please, please, please let me know!!! If just you had someone in mind outside these two cities, please let me know anyways! 😉