Our projects

Over the years, we have developed projects and started to offer our services. Here, you can find an overview.

Social Innovation Meets School

Social Innovation Meets School (SIMS) is an educational initiative launched in 2016 to empower young people (13-16 years) to become changemakers in their local communities and to foster their “future-skills”. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Social Entrepreneurship provide the thematic framework. We offer workshops in and outside schools, and run joint programmes with partner organisations. So far, we had 260+ participants, worked in 3 countries (Armenia, Germany, South Africa), organised 18+ events, received 3 awards and partnered with 7 schools and 15 organisations.

Social Innovation Tours Berlin

Since 2017, we also offer city tours to give people and organisations the opportunity to get to know the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Berlin and learn about social businesses concepts that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The educational tours are aimed at individuals, high school and university students as well as employees from the social or corporate sector.

Spotlights On!

Spotlights On! is a photo project started in 2018 with the aim to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through photography. Each year ends with a public exhibition showcasing results and individual interpretations of the contributing photographers.