3   +   6   =  

This quite sums up my current emotional level and well-being. At some point, I recognised that there wasn’t any time in the last couple of weeks, that I regret my choice to quit my job. What a satisfying moment! In fact, I haven’t even thought much about my previous employer or the studio. And this shows me, that it was absolutely the right choice to quit.

Yet, admittedly, I do not believe that quitting is the right choice for everyone unhappy at work. Everybody has to find its own way. But for me, it’s far more rewarding and satisfying to do work I believe in and that has a social impact, that merely striving for commercial profit. I also firmly believe that, if we do what interests us most, we reach our highest potential. And there is a whole bunch of literature available dealing with topics like that such as the science of happiness, positive psychology and how to reaching your potential. Also quite interesting is EduAction and the science behind how education can be both, more effective and fun. I urge you to do some research if you’re interested!

But let’s get back to my current situation. So the last weeks have been quite exciting (and exhausting!). I met up with The Social Innovation Foundation in The Netherlands and I went on a one-week-journey to Cairo to meet up with young designers, start-ups and social enterprising organisations. I gathered a lot of information and I intend to publish some of these encounters within the next couple of days. But honestly speaking, I’m not sure if this is a realistic plan, as I’m already heading this coming Friday to Eldoret, Kenya to join the young start-up .

As mentioned in my first post, I’m going to join the _SocialStarters team as a Social Enterprise Trainee Consultant. It’s a 6 week flagship training programme where I’ll work with a group of micro start-ups and existing grassroots social enterprises to help them solve challenges in their communities, whilst also being able to focus on my own impactful, yet sustainable, career path. You can see it as a career development programme for people interested to move into the social enterprise sector.

I figured for myself, that one of the things I’m most definitely interested in is working with motivated and aspiring social entrepreneurs in South Africa, whilst continuing and developing my photography work. We’ll see how this plan works out.

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So far so good 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the week and make the most of it!!!