Introducing Europe’s largest #edtech accelerator

Ever heard of Emerge Education? It is Europe’s largest accelerator, based in London, UK. The accelerator is a three-month programme for startups aiming to improve educational outcomes worldwide. It runs twice per year, starting in January and July.

Within this programme, applicants receive the following support:

  • Beta Testing & Accelerated customer acquisition tailored to your business model
  • Business development
  • Access to investment
  • The Emerge Community
  • A living stipend of £15k

The supporting network consists of the team behind Emerge Education, mentors and innovative partners. Partners provide the startups with the resources required to scale quickly and sustainably. Saïd Business School, the business school of the University of Oxford in England, is an example. It’s the university that hosts the annual Emerge conference, bringing together students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, organisations and activists from across the globe to challenge the status quo, and share ideas for a more socially and environmentally responsible world. The next one will be happening from 7.-8. November 2015.

Emerge Education received 190 applications from 43 countries around the word in their last round of application, wherefrom they selected 7 startups. Here an overview of some of their selected startups:

1. Diagnostic Questions – London, England

Diagnostic Questions allows teachers from around the world to create and share diagnostic questions. Teachers can quickly and accurately identify misconceptions students have with a particular topic or concept, and allow them to adapt their teaching accordingly.

Students submit their answers on any device and explain the way they got to their answer. New students then looking at the questions benefit from a range of explanations from their peers, one of which will suit their learning style.

2. Edurio – Riga, Latvia

Edurio provides school heads with an easy-to-use toolkit to manage annual reviews more efficiently. Edurio aims to fundamentally change how schools think about quality improvement from a multi-year scattered set of major leaps, to a Kaizen-like continual quality improvement with constant self-assessment, feedback and action cycles. We’re providing the schools a starting point by giving a menu of modules they can measure, covering learning outcomes, learning process and learning environment.

3. Eco Talent Discovery – London, England

ET Discovery’s virtual fairs mirror traditional career fairs but allow for lower overhead for hosts, which levels the playing field for all-sized firms and increases opportunity for prospective employees.

During the fair, students browse a lobby area to find prospective employers’ profiles, with whom they can contact through public and one-on-one text-based chats. Additionally, company representatives can also browse a student‘s profile and disseminate materials like pamphlets and webinars.

The platform is designed to optimise the post-fair experience, ensuring meaningful conversations turn into meaningful actions and applications. Consequently, their follow-up system and advanced reporting are inventing new features in a predefined market.

4. Game Plan – Atlanta, US

GamePlan provides students, career explorers and job seekers with an assessment of their knowledge and interests, and maps out a customized pathway to careers through online learning, mentorship and community resources. Each user receives a free career aptitude test and assessment of their existing knowledge.

GamePlan incorporates artificial intelligence-based technology to develop an understanding of patterns for career progression and suggest the appropriate content.

5. – Sofia, Bulgaria

Traincamp is building a dedicated space where digital professionals (developers, designers, digital marketers and all in between) can find, access and follow the top learning content from different web courses, periodicles, podcasts, events, local classes and more. Their goal is to disrupt and democratize the market of learning resources for digital professionals with a collaborative training camp that not only helps users find the top learning resources, but also helps the top learning resources to “find their users”.

Wondering how the edtech scene look like in Berlin? Then you will enjoy the article “From Berlin With Love” published by Emerge Education on medium.