According to UNICEF, an estimated 5.4 million children die annually before they reach the age of 5. Organisations such as UNICEF have made remarkable progress since the 1990s in reducing childhood mortality, but the work is far from done. i-MED vision is a German-based non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to this cause of preventing childhood death and also promoting children’s health and supporting them to develop according to their abilities.

i-MED vision achieves its mission through onsite trainings and e-learning to give access to health education for parents, caregivers, nurses, educators, and other figures in the community who care about children’s welfare. It is a special concern of i-MED vision to take up the traditional understanding of disease of the people and to build a bridge between traditional and modern, scientific medicine. Integrative medicine creates understanding and trust as the basis of a true development partnership.

The organisation started in 2015 by a group of physicians. Currently, i-MED vision has a pilot program in a township of approximately 16,000 residents called Masakhane in South Africa (close to Cape Town).  We have partnered with a local NGO, the Grootbos Foundation, and the local municipality to help carry out the program. At the time of this writing, i-MED vision staff are in Masakhane and are conducting more on-site trainings in skin diseases, nutrition, and fetal alcohol syndrome. We are also in the process of building a new digital health education center in Masakhane.

i-MED vision also has an exciting new initiative with potential for a wide-scale impact. We are developing a mobile app that will put the ability to save children’s lives right in the palm of your hand. The mobile app will be targeted to parents and caregivers and will help them recognize signs of potentially life-threatening conditions. It will also have information on home-based remedies which could help alleviate the burden of parents and caregivers having to leave home and take their sick children to the clinic in certain circumstances. i-MED vision plans to also pilot the mobile app (named “The i-MED People App”) in Masakhane and then scale it out to other areas in South Africa and eventually to other parts of southern Africa. All i-MED vision’s information technology products are developed in-house, and this requires raising funds ourselves. However, after the initial large investment of funds to develop the app, the scaling can be done quite cost-effectively.

Please support i-MED vision’s work in bringing this app to more and more parents and caregivers by donating online. For more information on i-MED vision and to follow us, please check out our social media channels (Facebook / Instagram) and our blog .