Social Impact Journey for the aspiring social entrepreneurs and innovators of our world

Our world is full of those wanting to make an impact with little direction on where to begin. How many times have you seen something that bothers you, but you are not sure what to do about it and more importantly how. We are on a mission to change this!

Founded by female social entrepreneur Mandeep Kaur, TribesForGOOD is a social enterprise based out of India that curates week-long experiences consisting of both practical and theoretical elements, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of relevant social, environmental and economic issues facing India and the international community.  There’s a bridge to be built between the compassionate humanitarian and the aspiring changemaker. There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than the opportunity to work hands-on with organisations making waves in grassroots development.

TribesforGOOD is using travel as the ultimate tool to connect like-minded people from all across the globe while scaling incredible movements positively impacting women, communities and environment in India. TribesforGOOD is a platform for aspiring changemakers who want to travel and make an impact. This platform gives access to Social Impact Journeys (7-day Travel Experience), Day Immersions and VolunGearing placements in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

“TribesForGOOD took me on my own journey of self-discovery through the act of helping others, which in itself is a beautiful paradox. I was able to understand the areas where I could use my skills to make the most impact.”

Bianca Caruana, digital nomad, TribesForGOOD alumni

In India alone, there are over 2 million social impact businesses all working to develop solutions to the country’s most pressing social and environmental issues. More than 50% of these businesses are understaffed, leaving a huge pool where businesses could be doubling their impact.

TribesforGOOD has identified 50+ social impact organisations that are impactful and need to scale. Through Social Impact Journey, participants get a chance to first understand the space, the needs of the local communities and then contribute. They are solving a two-fold problem 1. Giving access to aspiring changemakers to social innovation in India and 2. Providing talent to understaffed social impact organisations. In the past participants have worked on creating websites, photoshoots and delivering marketing strategies.

So how does it look like in detail?


The best way to reverse that feeling of ‘not sure how’ is to contribute your strengths to solve the issues that bother you.  Each participant goes through a series of workshops on topics like Urban Poverty, Women empowerment & livelihood, Quality Education, Collaboration between Nonprofits & Government schools and Sustainable Fashion. They get to understand the unique approaches of social entrepreneurs.


Participants travel off the beaten path to speak directly with community leaders, see local innovations in action, and understand how progress is being lead from the ground up – the centers of innovation. They meet the local communities, experience how social change is being facilitated.


Participants get a chance to work with local entrepreneurs on causes close to their heart and solve some of the most pressing issues in India. Projects will range from marketing, fundraising, writing proposals and design solutions.

We believe volunteering is at the heart of growth of achieving sustainable development goals. However, volunteering has gained negative media attention due to the possible adverse impacts that unskilled volunteering can have on a community – orphanage volunteering being the prime example. TribesForGOOD is shaking up the volunteer industry by introducing a new concept of volungearing where individuals are equipped to successfully offer their skills in the social impact sector. This concept gives well-meaning individuals an alternative option to the current saturated market that is voluntourism – a $173 billion dollar industry driven mostly by travel companies.

Social impact journeys are week-long curated expeditions exploring the concept of social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. They empower participants to become changemakers in their communities and leave the workshop with greater clarity and skill sets on how to make a difference in a scalable manner.

If this interests you, you can join us for our upcoming journeys in 2019.