Guest Post Blogging Guidelines

At What A Mission we are always open for interesting and solution-oriented content. If you’re interested in writing for us or contribute with a guest article, please read carefully the following guidelines.

If you meet the criteria and are happy with the guidelines then please use this form to submit your article. We will try our best to get back to you within two weeks with a response.

What we are looking for:

Informative and solution-oriented content that adds value to our readers. To us that means authentic insights, practical tips and actionable ideas about or closely related to the topic of social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

For example, an article about climate change should not merely point out what is going wrong, but also highlight what people and organisations are doing for climate mitigation or alternatively what we, as individuals, can do about it. This approach is called constructive journalism.

Topic ideas:

  • Articles about social enterprises, their business models and approach to the problem they are addressing.
  • Articles that explore or give an overview of social entrepreneurship ecosystems in a particular city or country.
  • Interviews with social entrepreneurs about their work and personal journey.
  • Advice and ideas for business-related topics such as marketing and branding, organisational development, management and leadership, and work-life balance.

Article criteria

  • The article covers our central theme “social innovation and social entrepreneurship”
  • The article length is 750-1500 words (~ 5-12 min. reading time).
  • The article is written in English and meets a certain set of quality standard (correct grammar, spelling etc.).
  • The article has not been published before, which means your content should be 100 percent unique.

What type of content do we accept?

Most of our content is written in the form of articles or interviews. However, technically, it is also possible to share audio (podcast) or audio-visual (video) content. That means you can submit any of these as long as you have the consent of the people in it and the publication rights.

What content do we not accept?

We do not publish content that does not fit to our central theme and our values, or that is purely promotional. If you are looking to advertise or are interested in sponsored posts, then please have a look at our PR and Media section for more information.