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The Young Leaders Visitors Programme (YLVP) is an intercultural leadership programme for young leaders from the Middle East, North Africa and Sweden. The programme will provide you with personal, professional and networking tools to help you achieve greater impact in your work for a society based on equality and sustainability.

YLVP aims to support young leaders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Sweden by giving them the tools and methods they need in their work for an equal and sustainable society. YLVP is as much about personal as it is about professional development. It is about growing as a person with renewed confidence and insights, and growing as a leader with new tools, methods and perspectives.

The following broader subjects will be central to the programme: equality, sustainability, transparency, democracy and human rights.

All costs related to accommodation, food and transport during YLVP are covered by the Swedish Institute (SI).

Who can apply?

You can apply for the Young Leaders Visitors Programme if you are:

  • aged between 22-32 years
  • a NGO leader, legal worker, journalist, social worker, cultural worker, social entrepreneur, civil servant, youth politician or in another type of leadership role
  • work actively for democracy, sustainability, diversity and/or human rights
  • be a citizen of Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine*, Sweden, Syria, Tunisia or Yemen.
  • have a good working knowledge of both written and spoken English
  • able to participate in both modules (8–26 May, 2017 and 14–20 October, 2017)

*Palestinian ID holders, including Jerusalem ID.

What are the selection criteria?

Each application is evaluated by two different members of the selection committee (consisting of experts, representatives from partner organisations and Swedish Institute staff) according to the following criteria:

  • platform/influence
  • awareness and analytical skills
  • drive and motivation
  • relevant work experience
  • relevant educational background.

If that sounds exciting to you, then I strongly recommend you to visit their website to find out more about the programme and the whole selection procedure. Already ready to apply? Then go straight to the online application form or visit their application portal.

The YLVP programme is an initiative from the Swedish Institute, developed in close cooperation with Hyper Island in Sweden.